What clients say

I really enjoyed this process with you - it felt like everything happened organically. You’re very easy to talk with and you’ve got a big heart. Your authenticity and sincerity make it easy to open-up. And you create a safe space for sharing: I feel like I can say anything to you and share anything with you. I really feel supported by you too, a genuine interest in wanting to help me figure out something about myself that will help me.


It was a pleasure to work with you. I feel like I have a team of people around me, a soul team, and you are definitely one of those people that stands out for me in terms of support and connection and being on a similar journey as me. It's very, very lovely to work with you and to be connected with you on many different levels. If someone is facing similar obstacles, I’d tell them to speak to Mariella. You're an expert in this field and I think that's also helpful for us coaches as well. Mariella has the tools to reflect back to you what it is that you do well in life. If you want a mirror to find out your USP or unique skills, then Mariella is definitely one of the people you want to speak to.