Hello introverted solopreneur,

Yes, you who’s been doubting your capabilities

You who feels exhausted & tired of “playing the part”

You who wishes you could feel as confident as others look

You who wishes you had the energy to do all the important things and to keep all the balls rolling

You who wishes you could do work that has a positive impact on others and that’s also fulfilling to your soul

Is this you?

100% me

I can relate

How can the Joyful and Impactful Introvert system help?

This private coaching program is for you if: 

You feel pressure to be

“on all the time” or that you have to toot your own horn in order to find paying clients

You feel like you’re not disciplined enough to run a successful business or you feel overwhelmed with running a business while also caring for your family and yourself

You feel like you have no control over your time and that you’ll have to wait until the kids are off to school or until you retire to make your dream a reality

You’re yearning to make a change in your life or career but you don’t know which actions to take to achieve your goal

Did you say yes to any of these things?

I can help you find a tailored solution

4 blocks of the program:

Discover your natural advantage

Discover the unique process you naturally go through that makes you effortlessly brilliant at what you do

Calm down the inner critic

Get rid of the dark cloud that seems to be hanging above your head and that constantly makes you feel like you’re not good enough

Create personal habits for joy and impact

Create personal habits that allow you to achieve your goals without “shoulds” & “have tos”

Get back control of your time and energy

Get the most important things done

for your business and still have time & energy to spend with your family and to take care of yourself

We'll go through the Joyful and impactful system together, so that..

so that you can move from doubting your contribution & feeling like you can’t keep up with the world as an introvert to having a meaningful impact with ease

read client stories?

show excerpts + read full story?


Private coaching programs start at €500 per month. 

The length and intensity of the coaching program depends on your question and your optimal learning style. This means that the program is customized to fit your individual needs.

Before you commit to anything, we'll first have a free exploration call via zoom to talk about your wishes and needs. We'll start by revealing Your Habit Style that give you guidelines for your personal habit building process. 

If you decide that a private coaching program isn't right for you right now, you'll receive a habit style starter kit to learn how to make the most of your habit style. 

If you are interested to start a private coaching program, we'll have a follow up call to talk more in depth about your question and you'll receive a written proposal before you make your final decision. 

There are no costs and no commitments until you are fully on board that this program is the right fit for you.