Are you a "low energy person"?

Are you a

I used to think of myself as a “low energy person”

It was a little disclaimer I used to let people know that I wouldn’t be staying after work for drinks. That I wasn’t going to be at the party past 9 pm. And that I probably wasn’t going to join the activity-packed 3-day networking event.

“Yeah, I’m just a low energy person, you know”

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Like me, a lot of introverts feel like something is wrong with them because they struggle with their energy.

They think that because they’re an introvert who prefers calm they can’t handle the pressure and demands of being an entrepreneur. That they are terrible at their job if they’re not available every hour of the day. Or that they’re a completely selfish person (and a bad parent) because they crave time away from their spouse and kids.

The problem isn’t that introverts are “low energy” or that they can’t handle pressure. It’s that they often neglect their own energy needs.

If you're struggling with the energy demands of your day, it could be as simple as not recharging enough or not doing enough of the things that light you up.

It’s not surprising that a lot of introverts brush off or even talk themselves out of taking breaks during the day. We’re so used to seeing examples of people who are always on. We wear busy like it’s a badge of honor and we look up to people with a hustler’s mentality.

We don’t see many examples of quiet, calm leaders who make a big impact without hustling 24/7, well, probably because they also like quiet and calm and don’t talk about it that much 😆

We often also don’t really understand our energy needs as introverts.

Instead of wearing busy as a badge of honor, what if we would be proud to have calm and quiet in our lives? What if we would give ourselves permission to give people our best from a place of full introverted-ness, warts and superpowers and all?

You’re not a low energy person. 

You’re a person experiencing low energy right now. 

Let’s change that.