3 easy habits that helped me to read one book a week

3 easy habits that helped me to read one book a week

If you’d met me in my teens, I probably would have introduced myself like this: Hi, I’m Mariella and I like to read. You’d always find me with a book. I carried them everywhere.

Then, life got busier. There was work to do, houses to remodel, kids to raise and what not. I started reading less and less - and I missed it!

Do you want to read more but can’t find the time?

Loads of my introverted friends are booklovers. It’s one of the activities that recharges a lot of introverts and helps them to learn about new topics and feel inspired.

If you’re looking for a way to get (back) into reading but can’t find the time, then this might help.

Here are 3 habits (+ one bonus) that helped me to read one book a week

  1. Read one chapter before bed
  2. Read two (non fiction) books simultaneously
  3. Don't force a book

bonus tip: Try a different format

Watch the video to learn how I implement the 3 habits into my life

1. Read one chapter before bed

Reading a single chapter before going to bed is a great way to get consistent with reading amongst a busy schedule.

In the past, I could sit for hours with a book and carried them everywhere with me. Now a parent and business owner, my time is allocated differently.

Make this habit super easy by leaving a book on the bedside table (or on your pillow if you forget to pick up the book) and use a bookmark to mark where you’ve last read.

Don’t overdo it either and stick with one or two short chapters. Getting sucked in and reading for another 3 hours and waking up tired defeats the purpose. If you have a hard time putting the book down, tell yourself to “think” about what you’ve just read instead of continuing reading.

See the practice of reading regularly and connecting this new info with what you already know as more important than actually finishing the book.

2. Read two books simultaneously

Reading two books at the same time was born out of laziness: I didn’t want to get the book I was reading from another area of the house and just picking another one from the shelf. This lazy action turned out to be gold.

Reading books on different topics at the same time can give different angles to an idea that you’re working on. You’ll make different types of connections and find other inspiration for your own work.

My limit is 3 before I loose track of the storylines so I usually go with 2. But if you’re able to hold space for more books at a time, go for it!

If you’re prone to boredom while reading (non-fiction), this is also a great habit to turn boredom into consistent reading by switching it up daily.

3. Don’t force a book

Don’t force a book if it doesn’t capture your interest. For the first few chapters, you may need to get used to the writer’s style but if you’re still struggling to pick up the book 5 chapters in, let it go.

You’ll only read consistently if you enjoy reading, so don’t be afraid to quit a book half way through if it feels forced.

You can come back to it another time when you’re ready. Every time you read a book, you get something different from it so you may not yet be in a season of your life that the book is fully relevant to you. This can change a few weeks or months down the line.

For now, pick another book off your reading list and be inspired!

Bonus tip: Try a different format

If the topic of a book interests you but you’re struggling to get through it, maybe the written format isn’t the right fit for you right now.

Most books come in audio or as searchable ebooks too, so try one of those formats instead.

Starting in a place like YouTube for background video’s or Blinkist for book summaries is a great way to check if a book is worth your time or to brush up on vocabulary before jumping into a content-heavy book on the same topic.

What easy habits help you to read more books?

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