Potato hell

Potato hell

We have a potato cupboard in our house.

Okay, I think I oversold that. There’s a low cupboard in a corner of our kitchen that I decided to drag a bag of potatoes in one day because I couldn’t be bothered to lift the bag off the ground. It’s been the potato cupboard ever since. (It’s also the onion and garlic cupboard because it just makes sense to keep those things together, right? Or is that just me?)

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been actively avoiding the potato cupboard because it has evolved into a potato hell.

What started with one moldy potato turned into long boney potato root fingers trying to claw their way out and it’s now become a full stench of potato in various states of decomposition.

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This didn’t happen over the span of a couple of days either.


It easily took a couple of months to get here.

Every day I thought: I’ll get to it later. I’m busy. Ugh, I’m exhausted… and I’d quickly close the cupboard door.

At first, the reasons were certainly valid. I was busy that day. And I was exhausted the day after.

But it quickly turned into active procrastination.

Keeping myself busy in other parts of the kitchen or the house. Full denial: Hmm, we don’t have enough time anymore to make them, so let’s just order the fries. Or the good old head in the sand approach: stench? What stench?

I kept putting off taking care of it. I’m not sure what I thought would happen. Maybe I secretly hoped that my husband would notice the stench and take care of it or - better yet - that the problem would magically solve itself.

It’s now become a serious problem and full blown anxiety whenever a recipe says “dice two onions”

Do you currently have a moldy potato in your life that’s threatening to grow into a potato cupboard of hell?

You don’t have to live your life in the stench..!

Someone recently told me:

I used to ignore things. There were a lot of excuses. I’d say things like: I don’t feel like it, I’m tired, or something else was always “more important”. You gave me strategies to understand what’s important and how to do things more efficiently.

We all end up in potato hell sometimes but it doesn’t mean you have to stay there. Don’t let putting things off take over your life. Every day is a chance to take a first step towards a daisy fresh cupboard 🌼

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